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World Events

worldcup06.jpgWhether the transportation is by land, air, or sea, high profile events attract a mass attendance. People come from thousands of miles to attend a premier event or to hear the Pontiff hold on a mass. Consumers look for the most efficient and cost effective way to attend these events. In small or large groups, the answer is TransNational’s consolidated travel amenities and aircraft charter.

wcp13.jpg TransNational teams with radio, TV and print partners to promote your group’s event to loyal listeners, viewers and readers. In return for aggressive promotions from our media partners, TransNational deliver’s maximum exposure guarantying increased revenues for your agency.

With our preferred and bonded ticket providers, TransNational will purchase your event tickets and optional VIP passes through special appointed agencies. Tickets are provided at face value (non-commissioned to our clients) and negotiated based on your group’s budget and preferred seating category at the Venue. All TransNational ticket vendors work thru DOT Escrow and are paid when tickets are delivered.