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Cargo Charters

TRANSNATIONAL’S alliance with aircraft carriers worldwide will provide you with the fastest means of transportation available. We know the current streamline of traffic and positioning, seasonal dedicated and non-dedicated aircraft…"We will save you money".
Special airfreight pricing with aircraft carriers, provide priority level service at discounted rates. We offer economy level rates that can meet any budget. Trans-National air carriers give you direct access in chartering aircraft on a full or part time basis to move passengers, large tonnage, time definite commodities worldwide.

Our airfreight services provide our customers with a full portfolio of standard and specialized airfreight solutions. Our global network of trusted agents give us the ability to offer worldwide coverage and localized expertise to all of our customers, while still providing the close personal attention we are known for. Our ability to secure multiple carrier partnership agreements has given us considerable leverage on pricing and space allocation (crucial during peak transit times) and allows us to provide you with reliable and uninterrupted service year round.